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WORKPLACE WELLBEING – supporting organisations to become brilliant places to work 

optimus-wellbeing-new-logo‘Healthy workers are three times more effective at work than unhealthy workers’

(‘The Health of Australia’s Workforce’, 2005).

As a British Cycling Ride Leader, personal resilience specialist and Workplace Wellbeing Consultant, Simon is on a mission to improve productivity with healthy & engaged employees. Partnering with clients, we’ll review your current wellness provision, assess culture, and implement strategies that make a measurable difference. Based on the latest neuroscience research and best practise from around the world, we’ll help you to build compelling business cases and implement relevant wellbeing tactics that reduce sickness & absence, get maximum return on wellbeing investment (ROWI), and create more resilient and productive employees.

BENEFITS of CYCLING to ORGANISATIONS: lower sickness & absence, fewer parking spaces, healthier happier staff who achieve more, lower carbon footprint, reduced stress levels, better staff engagement, transformational culture change.



Unlock The Power Within Youwell-being coaching for performance, success and a healthier life

Wouldn’t it feel great to maintain your focus, self-belief and confidence when the pressure is on to achieve everything ? This revolutionary new coaching programme will help you to use your body and mind, the most powerful tools you possess, to improve your performance. This cycling-based coaching programme fuses wellbeing with coaching, hypnotherapy and personal resilience in the great outdoors. It’s about helping the ‘whole you’ – not just the ‘work you’. You’ll have the time you need to offload personal problems, discuss work issues, and explore whatever is holding you back. And when you’re ready, we’ll help you find new solutions, and overcome your obstacles so that you can be at your best. This revolutionary approach will leave you feeling re-energised, re-focused and ready to shine at work and life.



Maintaining your self-belief and confidence under pressure is the mark of an inspirational leader, and yet, just like any other skill, it takes practise. This workshop will take you on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the skills and techniques to maintain your own resilience.

Programme Outcomes:

• Develop a set of tools & techniques to change negative thinking to positive thinking • Be more resilient to stress • Overcome anxiety and worry • Be free of phobias • Feel more self-confident • Get more satisfaction and contentment from life • Feel worthy of your position or promotion – you deserve success ! • Recover from knock-backs and ‘failure’ • Maintain concentration and focus when the pressure is on  • Re-gain your energy levels at work and home



Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a method of changing our thinking patterns using images and language. This aims to reduce the impact of un-helpful thought patterns and make positive thoughts more powerful. Anchoring is a way of linking powerful positive thoughts with a physical action. This means that clients can bring back those positive feelings whenever and wherever they need to, in order to over-write negativity, for example before a presentation that they were anxious about. NLP can be integrated with or without hypnosis.



Hypnotherapy lends itself well to improving the lives of busy, overloaded employees. Whether you are feeling stressed, overworked or under valued, hypnotherapy can alleviate many of these symptoms preventing time off work and giving you some relief. Hypnotherapy also enhances your positive qualities at work and can make you even better at your job ! As a qualified Hypnotherapy Practitioner (NCH), Simon offers a free initial consultation, so take the step towards a happier you and make a reservation now !



Whilst we know that professional success is important to you, we also know that human beings are complex. Something that bothers us at work can negatively affect our wellbeing at home and vice versa. We refer to it as a three-way balance – harmony between work, relationships and lifestyle. So we are able to discuss and help the ‘whole you’ – not just the ‘work you’ on our way towards your goals.



With many of us experiencing hectic lifestyles and the associated pressures that modern life brings, it may be interesting to know that many of the top performing artists from sport and media attribute much of their success to relaxation and meditation. Not only does relaxation link nicely with Visualisation, but also research has proven many health benefits to relaxing including a reduced risk of coronary problems and better psychological well-being. For example, within Oprah Winfrey’s company, all employees take part in meditative relaxation at 9am and 4.30pm every day, resulting in significant personal and organisational benefits. It might seem like a strange concept in our fast-paced busy workplaces, but taking time to slow down really could help your performance accelerate. If your competitors are busy burning their people out, why not try something totally different to give yours the edge ?



We can provide team events in the following areas: – Relaxation – NLP – Stress Resilience techniques – Group Life Coaching

Resilience workshops for schools: engaging, interactive and fun learning building stronger self-confidence, growth mindsets and fortitude in the face of difficulties. Workshops tailored to age groups, parents and teachers. For more details Click here