The Optimus Team Learning philosophy is all about helping individuals to add the most value they can to their team, organisation and relationships.

In many organisations today, teams are being assembled, re-shaped and dismantled at an un-precedented rate. Employees don’t have 12-18 months to become proficient at their jobs, or to build strong relationships any more. Optimus Team Learning adds value to organisations by helping people to cope with these changes, and get productive quicker.

“Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds” U.S. Navy Seals.

We are all wonderfully complex and diverse beings with a primal instinct for working, living and playing in groups. Optimus Team Learning creates learning programmes that work in harmony with this basic instinct. We meet the specific skills needs of your organisation, and help your people to deploy their new skills for maximum effect within their team.

Our training programmes can be fully customised to your requirements, whether that’s on a 1-2-1 basis or a team learning experience for 200 people. We also partner with a select number of qualified specialist associates, to unlock international experience and reach.

Optimus Team Learning has the flexibility to provide learning experiences in various locations – either on-site to minimise delegate travel costs, or at the venue of your choice. We also have an extensive database of Team Building locations and providers, whom we can partner with to ensure that your team gets the full immersive experience of team cohesion and learning, to get more value from your Team Event.

Make your Team Build event return on its investment – Optimus Team Learning will seamlessly shape your Team Build into an interactive, valuable and meaningful learning experience. Your team will be able to use their learning back in the workplace, to guarantee value for money. Get something worthwhile and lasting out of your Team Build investment – we believe that your team should take away more than just having ‘a great time away from the office’.