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5 Easy Steps Towards A Happier You in 2020

9 January 2017 Categories: Happiness Well-being Tagged:


Ask yourself this: “what kind of life would I wish for my children ?”

Many people would wish for a life filled with qualities such as happiness, fulfilment, contentment, love, achievement, personal growth, health or maybe friendship. Even though these are the elements of what a ‘good’ life may mean to us, we spend precious little time considering how to achieve them. After all, can you remember the last time you practised your ‘contentedness’ skills ? So for ease, let’s bring all of these elements together in the word ‘Well-being’. And if ‘well-being’ is what we want out of life, then surely there are some advantages to learning how to improve it ? Most of our formal learning takes place at school, and yet schools focus on passing exams for success in the workplace, rather than learning how to live happily. Similarly, if ‘well-being’ is what we want out of life then should we be electing governments who improve national well-being ? Imagine how different the world could be if governments placed the well-being of their people at the heart of their policies.

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