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Living and Leading ‘Above The Line’ – how to step away from anger, worrying what others think of you, and needing to win

22 August 2020 Categories: Character Development Tagged:

On Thursday 23rd January 2020 a new book was launched around the globe.

Nothing remarkable there – books get launched all the time, but this release is more meaningful to me because I have a personal connection with the authors, Stephen & Mara Klemich.

They taught me what it means to live Above The Line, through their Heartstyles philosophy, and set me on my own journey of self-discovery.

Their message and learning has changed me forever. I found a way through the hard times, when I was busy self-destructing and in full victim mode. They showed me the importance of seeing the gold in adversity, after all, isn’t our brokenness what makes us more special, unique and rare, like the Japanese art of Kintsugi?

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