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It’s simple… a 3 min You Tube clip….sit back….watch your team smash their targets

11 September 2015 Categories: Sales Team Building Tagged:

STEP 1 – watch Dave Brailsford’s  5 Step Model for Team Outperformance

STEP 2 – let Optimus Team Learning help you to shape, plan and deliver a programme that’s tailored to you, so that your people are smoothly and brilliantly changed forever

STEP 3 – get excited about how much your team is outperforming their targets

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3 Ways To Make Your Team Build Useful

26 June 2015 Categories: Team Building Tagged:

Ask most leaders within organisations and they’ll give a similar response – they would love to be able to energise and reward their people with some sort of team building event, but the workload is too intense at the moment, and the cost is ‘something we can’t afford right now’. Yet intuitively we know that humans learn through playing, doing and experiencing better than any other method.

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10 Leadership Secrets That Will Help Your Team To Shine

17 June 2015 Categories: Team Building

This week I had a customer anniversary – one year of delivering a broad spectrum of leadership & management skills to scores of first line managers for my client. I reflected back on all of the different characters and personalities that I had enjoyed working with.

My reflections brought me to a question: ‘what more I could have done to assist the small number of managers in the ‘drowning-not-waving’ category’. Those managers who couldn’t see the wood for the trees, or had a team that they could see no way of uniting, or maybe lacked the self confidence to lead.

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