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Getting our future generations ready for the workplace – with a tweet from an Ancient Greek

22 August 2015 Categories: Personality Assessments Tagged:


Recently I facilitated a careers workshop for a group of 6th form students who were making an important career decision. A show of hands revealed that 90% of the group had not yet decided whether they would apply to University, or head off in search of employment.

My objective for this workshop was to start their journey of self-awareness. The lesson plan involved the group thinking through their life experiences to-date, to figure out the activities that had given them skills and satisfaction.

The first thing I noticed was that the energy, quick wit and spontaneity of the group was refreshingly superior to the adult learners I was more familiar working with.

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A New Research Study on Lumina Spark Personality Assessment is Advancing the Scientific Understanding of People

2 July 2015 Categories: Personality Assessments

The results of the new study show that various supposedly ‘incompatible’ measures of our behaviour are often integrated. Stewart Desson, CEO of Lumina Learning says, “Gone are the days of typing people and boxing them in and labeling them. People can have seemingly different and opposite behavioural qualities and at Lumina we embrace this paradox giving us a fuller view of who they really are.”

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