A New Research Study on Lumina Spark Personality Assessment is Advancing the Scientific Understanding of People

2 July 2015 Categories: Personality Assessments

The results of the new study show that various supposedly ‘incompatible’ measures of our behaviour are often integrated. Stewart Desson, CEO of Lumina Learning says, “Gone are the days of typing people and boxing them in and labeling them. People can have seemingly different and opposite behavioural qualities and at Lumina we embrace this paradox giving us a fuller view of who they really are.”

Earlier this year the National Geographic dedicated a special issue, “Your Personality Explained,” which cites the cutting edge research of the, “Big Five” personality factors. This edition explores how your brain develops your personality over time and in response to the world around us. The new Lumina Spark model integrates the “Big Five” personality factors approach with key concepts drawn from Jungian psychology to address some of the limitations of other models of the measurement and explanation of personality. Lumina Spark is unique amongst psychometric tools because it eliminates stereotyping while identifying one’s personality behaviours through a scientific measurement process.

The study conducted at the Business Psychology Center at the University of Westminster, London, entitled, “Lumina Spark – Development of an Integrated Assessment of Big 5 Personality Factors, Type Theory & Overextension” used separate measurement of both poles of the “Big Five”, rather than one continuous scale with the integration of the “underlying”, “everyday” and “overextended” persona which is aligned to stable trait and situational-based behaviours respectively, into one dynamic personality measure.

We believe that Lumina Spark’s dynamic model enables a more effective measurement, prediction of workplace performance, and a truer view of the individual. The integration of the “underlying”, “everyday” and “overextended” measure captures the individual’s natural preference, their everyday behavior and how they respond under pressure. This helps team members acknowledge each other strengths improving their working relationships. Using these personal insights to increase their own self-awareness people are able to increase collaboration and alignment across the organisation. This has a positive impact on individuals and teams increasing productivity and improving the bottom line. Organisations who have implemented Lumina Spark have also found enhancements to their overall environment by fostering a culture of inclusiveness that creates a level of interaction promoting the value of the diverse talent in their workforce.

About Lumina Learning

Based in London, England and established in 2008. The Lumina Learning office for the Americas, Canada and Latin America is located in Dallas, Texas. The programs are available in 14 languages and currently used in over 48 countries, validating the cross-cultural fit. The product suite includes: Lumina Leader and Professional Capabilities both include an optional 360 degree performance feedback instrument, Lumina Sales, Lumina Team, Lumina Youth and Lumina Culture.

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