3 Ways To Make Your Team Build Useful

26 June 2015 Categories: Team Building

Ask most leaders within organisations and they’ll give a similar response – they would love to be able to energise and reward their people with some sort of team building event, but the workload is too intense at the moment, and the cost is ‘something we can’t afford right now’. Yet intuitively we know that humans learn through playing, doing and experiencing better than any other method.

So how can you persuade the boss that a team building event will add value ? Here are three recommendations:

  1. Team build for a worthy cause
    Nothing makes a team feel prouder than knowing that the community centre they just painted, or the hospice garden they just tidied, has helped people in need. Organisations are increasingly supportive of this form of team building, as corporate mindfulness and social responsibility have become extremely important factors in building the trust of employees and customers alike. It’s a win all round for the community, the team and the organisation. But what learning will the team physically be able to take back to the workplace ?
  2. Build new relationships – get new ideas
    Most of us spend c.1,880 hours per year in the workplace and yet many of our key relationships are with the same group of people. Team building is a great opportunity to spark new relationships and work on activities in new ways. Bringing the team together to have fun and innovate the next big idea for the company could be just the sort of blue-sky approach that will produce the company’s next hot product or service. But won’t this favour the more creative people ?
  3. Link your team build with a step-up in performance back in the work place
    Team building activities are great at developing an emotional bond with others, but apart from making some great friendships the longer term benefits are often lost upon returning to work. Build a step-up in performance into your business case for the Team Event. If the organisation will benefit from an increase in performance when the team returns, the Finance Director is much more likely to sign off the investment. But how ?

The answer to all of the above is to build Lumina Spark Personality Assessments into your team build.

Something powerful happens when each person experiences their own self-discovery, alongside their colleagues, within the shared supportiveness of a team event.

Lumina Spark is the freshest and most interactive personality model on the market – it works seamlessly within any team building event to draw out teams’ everyday qualities as well as their over-played strengths. Lumina is action-oriented, making it easy for everyone to implement their new awareness back in the work place. Your team will return with new powers of communication, more influence and greater emotional awareness.

Contact us today to find out how Lumina Spark can revolutionise your team performance either as a stand-alone workshop, or by adding value to your team event.