16 Cycling Initiatives To Maximise Productivity AND Wellbeing In Your Organisation

13 July 2017 Categories: Happiness Well-being


Research continues to show that investing in wellbeing results in productivity and engagement improvements for organisations. This is good news, because most decisions made in the business world are based on a strong business case before investing, to achieve a return (ROI).

There is plenty of room for this investment to make a huge impact when we consider that ‘the annual cost to the UK economy from mental ill health equates to £15.1bn from Presenteeism and £8.4bn from Absenteeism’ (Centre for Mental Health)

So it’s clear that there’s a compelling reason for us to invest in Wellbeing – the question for organisations now is – WHERE and HOW do we invest for optimum wellbeing payback ???


Well, wherever we invest, there’s an important principle I’d like to share with you. It’s the most powerful advice I’ve ever learned about Workplace Wellbeing….the secret to getting maximum return on investment AND world-class wellbeing is…..


….people have to WANT to get involved…..


There are 5 elements of influencing people that any wellbeing strategy can be built around – these are the secret ways to encourage people to WANT to get involved:


MASTERY – the feeling of being “good” at something is a strong resilience trait. Mastery includes being ‘in the flow’ – that sense that our skills match the challenge at hand in the moment.


AUTONOMY – the ability to make our own choices. Wellbeing strategy can involve being sneaky so that the choices available are “limited” but autonomy is still present. When it comes to Wellbeing the emphasis is on ‘pull and attract’ rather than ‘push and tell’.


HIGHER PURPOSE – the belief in a higher cause and an inspirational reason to act. This is what I call a powerful WHY.


TOGETHERNESS – connecting people, whether it’s connecting through shared interests, camaraderie for a cause, or united in challenge or adventure. This is about bonding and building TRUST, often through sharing vulnerability. Social Connection is an important and often overlooked part of wellbeing



PLAY – one of the overlooked influencing factors in ‘serious’ workplaces doing serious work. Fun and Play activities produce chemical changes in the brain connected with creativity, pleasure and calmness. Making wellbeing activities enjoyable works in a very Pavlovian way to attract employees towards pleasure rather than away from pain. Play is an antidote to pressure.


So now you know the Influencing factors, let’s consider some of the tactics, initiatives and solutions that very few organisations use to leverage maximum return on cycling investment projects. Why Cycling ? Well it’s one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and British Cycling (with HSBC backing) are already applying significant marketing power to bear on persuading another 2 million more of us to get on our bikes in 2017. It makes sense for organisations to piggyback onto such a huge campaign and popular interest.


So here are the special cycling initiatives – remember – it’s all about motivation and influence so that employees WANT to get involved:

















For completeness, we’ll just mention the 5 basics that many organisations already have in place:


So there we have it – 16 rarely used ways to get the biggest payback for your investment in Wellbeing cycling initiatives. The mental and physical health of employees is an essential part of every employer’s duty of care, and by choosing to invest a little time and effort in bringing Cycling into the heart of the strategy you will be making a much needed step forward towards workplace health, more engaged employees and higher productivity.


If you would like to harness Wellbeing to inspire and transform your organisation, contact Workplace Wellbeing Consultant Simon Thomas (BSc., DipHypPsych, Cert.SM, Assoc CIPD) on 0044 (0)7947 479175 or email simon@optimuslearning.co.uk


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