It has been an intense day, but ten times better than a classroom

So you’ve earned your dream job on the Exec team.  You’ve worked with coaches before.  Spent time in the great outdoors on Leadership Development programmes. Read the books.  Heard the inspirational speakers.  And returned to your desk….


….any ideas how you’ll drive your performance to the next level ?


In today’s busy environment world-class leaders don’t have time to be away from the organisation, taking days out of their already full schedule to attend development programmes, role-play, and learn models that ‘might’ be applicable back in the organisation


You just want to know how to raise your game – even wiser, more inspirational, more influential, more successful

You need practical actions, the right model at the right time, quality observed feedback that you can actually implement

Why bother asking your team for feedback when all you receive are some politically astute “platitudes”?



Based on the simple principle that your job already contains all of the learning you need to improve !!!

Sometimes simplicity is more powerful:

  1. We build some rapport and trust – you are in safe hands – I’m just working alongside you for a day or two so I can help you be more effective – 100% confidential, 100% discreet, 100% private coaching & feedback
  2. We agree the outcomes you’d like to achieve
  3. I’m beside you all day as you work – you’ll forget I’m there after the first 5 minutes
  4. We plan intermittent quick-fire coaching moments throughout the day to discuss each interaction
  5. You take the learning from each coaching moment and apply it in the very next meeting
  6. There’s even some time for a deeper coaching discussion about something that’s on your mind
  7. The process repeats – PLAN-DO-REVIEW-APPLY
  8. We conclude with evaluation, actions & commitments



In 8 years of developing game-changing learning interventions, this is the FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE method I have created to build your LEADERSHIP PERFORMANCE


No Virtual Reality – no cameras – no ridiculously long mountain expedition – just someone by your side who wants you to be the best you can be. Simples.



No conversation is off limits – our Managing Consultant, Simon Thomas, is fully qualified to help you through personal and professional challenges (BSc. DHypPsych. CertSM. ISMA. CIPD(Level7) CMI.)

We offer female Coaches as an option for female clients – helping clients to feel at ease

24/7 coaching support for the duration of our working relationship – so you’re supported at all times

Personalised Psychometric Profiles also available – enhancing your self-awareness & emotional intelligence



It has been an intense day, but ten times better than a classroom

The best feedback I can give you is that…I will remember today for a long time (in a good way !) which cannot be said for many of the other coaching sessions I have attended in the past – thanks again!


£795 for one full day wherever you are in the UK (includes all costs)

If your organisation has bigger requirements, let’s talk about a volume discount


MOBILE:  0044 (0)7947 479175


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