Many organisations are under increasing pressure for results, which is creating workplace cultures that feel toxic, threatening or over-protective, where people are worried about taking decisions. Heartstyles will help you and your team to re-align and transform your culture towards one of honesty, authenticity and performance with compassion for others.

Heartstyles is a unique and insightful model to help people and organisations to be at their most effective. Based on 30 years of validated research, Heartstyles is the cultural model of choice for KFC & Pizza Hut leaders across the world, driving business success and employee engagement.

Although it might look like another psychometric personality profile, it isn’t.

Heartstyles helps you to understand where your heart and mind is right now, and consequently guides you to become more effective at work and life. It’s measurable too, so when everyone uses Heartstyles in your organisation, we can demonstrate the cultural improvement.




With data from over 60,000 Heartstyles respondents worldwide, research is showing that people who live and work with effective behaviours such as humility and compassion are healthier and less stressed. This means that Heartstyles can help you shape a healthier and more inspirational way of leading & managing people.


Leading with Wellbeing from the Heart.


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